About Me


Do you struggle with fueling your body right for performance?

I did too. As a high school cross country and track athlete, I was running so much and not eating enough, so lost weight. Too much weight.

Do you struggle with body image or afraid of eating too much?

I did too. I struggled with my body image and was afraid of getting fat. So I wanted to eat healthy.

The problem: I struggled with eating healthy and fueling for performance.

Are you vegetarian?


Do you eat mostly plants and struggle eating enough calories? protein? carbs? fats?

I did too. When I adopted a plant-based lifestyle (vegetarian/vegan) for my health and the environment, I had low iron which I knew could affect my training and performance.

But with the right balance of macronutrients and micronutrients, I felt I might even have an advantage! (And now there is evidence!!)

Do you want to achieve optimal health and happiness while crushing your performance goals?

Me too! And I believe YOU can achieve optimal HEALTH and HAPPINESS while performing well!

And I will help you get there!