Plant-based Performance Nutrition

Plant-based Performance Nutrition Coaching

  • Are you a plant-based endurance athlete?

  • If yes, do you struggle with eating enough protein on a plant-based diet?

  • Do you struggle with how to fuel the best for performance?

  • Do you struggle with nutrition deficiencies (low iron, low B12, etc.) or unsure of what supplements to take especially as a runner?

  • Do you struggle with body image and your relationship to food to manage your weight while eating for performance?

If you said yes to any of the above then you are in the right place!!

We will help you to…

Get the right amount of plant proteins to fuel your performance!

Fuel to feel good and perform your best races yet!

Eat the right foods and taking the right supplements to give you the energy you need to run well!

Love your body and increasing your confidence!

If you want this then let’s work together!

Personalized approach: We will determine a meal plan based on your diet recall, daily training, and goals. I won’t just give you a meal plan. We will create a meal plan together.

1 on 1 online coaching: We will meet biweekly to discuss how you are doing, tracking, goals, etc.

Ongoing support and accountability: You will have continued support from me throughout your training season. I will help you to stay accountable to help you reach your goals!

If this sounds like you and you’d like to work together, book a call below :) I look forward to learning more about you and cannot wait to help you reach your goals!!

“Kayla is very smart and educated at her nutritional field! She is very dedicated and truly cares about the people she is helping! she will answer any question you have no matter how difficult or mundane it may be. She is down to earth, pleasant and easy to talk to, she always finds time for you! I have come across others in her field that have ignored some of my inquiries, that will never with Kayla! I very highly recommend Kayla for your health and wellness needs!” - Anonymous

A properly planned plant-based approach can not only benefit your health and the environment, but also give you an advantage as an endurance athlete.

Run Coaching

  • Individual, customized training plans based on your goals and your life. We build plans specifically for you.

  • Your own running consultant, mentor, everything running go-to coach. Available via email.

  • Guidance with goal setting and race selection

  • Real time proactive feedback on your training via your Training Log

  • Weekly newsletter highlighting running articles, group events, and race reports

  • Exclusive access to Group Forums and Online Community

  • Access to Facebook and Strava groups


“Very knowledgeable and committed well rounded and definitely a huge plus for anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle.” - Anonymous